80% of people are on a diet or are weight concious at any given time. This makes for an interesting read! :D

Weight Loss Secrets

Click to visit the original postThe right weight loss secrets can go really far in helping you achieve the healthful and natural weight loss that you are looking for. Here are some healthy and natural weight loss secrets.

Weight Loss Secret #1 – Reflect on all of the choices that you make. When you look at yourself in the mirror while you are eating, it may actually help you to consume as much as between 22 and 32 percent fewer calories.


True what they say! Just eat less and more exercise!


Trim Your Waist By Avoiding These Pitfalls


Nearly everyone wants to lose inches off their waist and there are many schools of thought on how to accomplish this. Many people believe that the best way to trim your waist is to do hundreds if not thousands of sit-ups or crunches, but in reality, this method will not do much good. In fact, you may end up actually thickening your waist as a result.

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Reward Systems Work – The Key to Successful Weight Loss


One of the hardest parts of dealing with a diet is the feeling that you are depriving yourself. Everyone needs a boost and for many people, food is the natural reward. Whether this started in childhood or became an acquired habit later in life, you’ll need to find new ways to reward yourself and a new system to follow that will help you stay on your diet and still feel satisfied.

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Calorie Cycling – Is It a Sound Idea?
Weight Loss Journal


Click to visit the original postThere has been a lot of buzz lately about calorie cycling and whether or not it is an effective means of losing weight. For some, it has enabled them to lose massive amounts of weight. For others, it may just not work. Let’s take a look at the theories behind calorie cycling and go further into depth on how this particular diet plan works.

Calorie Cycling…